Fundraising Committee

The goals of the Fundraising Committee are to gather information, build relationships, and raise money to meet the special and specific ongoing needs of our organization. The committee conducts two fundraising drives each year and sponsors events that are designed to bring together the Georgia Chapter.  The committee also seeks to promote initiatives through public awareness activities that highlight upcoming legislative initiatives.

Committee Chairperson Brannan Southerland, Northwest Exterminating
Board Liaison Mike Dangler, Russell Landscape Group    
Secretary    Chris Fabina, CMCA, Community Management Associates, Inc.   
Treasurer    Penelope Morgan Hilliard, NowackHoward, LLC.

Committee Members

Chad Burchfield, Northwest Exterminating
Allen Burns, Pest USA
Jeff Creecy, The Greenwood Group
Lisa Fuerst, Esq., Pankey & Horlock, LLC
Mike Glennon, CertaPro Painters of Atlanta
Derek Johanson, Esq., Lazega & Johanson, LLC.
Tracy Lanard, CMCA
, Community Management Associates, Inc.
Tracy Lettsome, Esq., Lipshutz Greenblatt & King, LLC
Cliff McAllister, Yellowstone Landscape
Michele Richards, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Community Management Associates, Inc.
Opening- Manager Only
Opening- Manager/CAVL Only 
Opening- Manager Only