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CAI Georgia Green Initiatives

By partnering Georgia community associations with local green initiatives sponsored by local governments and businesses, and providing associations with education and tools needed to establish programs which support sustainability, conserve and protect natural resources, the CAI Georgia Green Committee seeks to encourage environmental awareness and protection.

Adopt-A-Road (AAR)
A 2015 goal of the CAI Green Committee is to help two Community Management companies and their communities to adopt roads. Contact a CAI Green Committee member for help getting started.  Information on the program in your area can be found at “Keep … (insert county name)…Beautiful” website.  Keep Georgia Beautiful 
Container Gardens
Our goal is to identify potential communities and install  gardens in 2 – 3 new communities per year.  Under-utilized green space is put to use!  Gardens are built with contributions from chapter business partners. 

Green Community Challenge
Become a CAI Green Community!  The Challenge encourages your residents to learn how they can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint, protect our natural resources, and reduce waste. The benefits of these individual actions done at the local level can also reduce impact on global warming.  The CAI Green Committee will be reviving this initiative in 2015.   Contact a CAI Green Committee member to get started on taking the Challenge! Green Community Checklist


Simply complete the Green Community Challenge in the areas of:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Useage
  • Common Area Landscaping
  • Waste Reduction
  • Pet Care & Waste
  • Pool Management
  • Homeowner Green Programs
Green Awards
  • Light Green receives a CAI Green Committee Certificate and a digital badge for display on the community’s website.
  • Garden Green receives all of the above plus recognition in the CAI Georgia Commons Magazine.
  • Forest Green receives all of the above plus recognition on the CAI Georgia website and an article in the CAI Georgia Commons Magazine.
  • The CAI Green Committee will also choose a community that has exceeded in points to be the recipient of the annual Evergreen Award. The recipient of this award will be given a beautiful bamboo engraved award and announced at the Year End Awards Banquet. 

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