The Leadership Circle consists of select community association management companies that demonstrate exemplary commitment to their employees and to the CAI-Georgia Chapter through investing in their employees’ education and professional growth by ensuring that each and every one of its employees’ individual membership dues are fully paid.

Leadership Circle members enjoy the recognition and benefits of this distinction in a variety of ways, including: special recognition at CAI-Georgia events; recognition in full-page promotion in Georgia Commons magazine; recognition on CAI-Georgia Chapter’s webpage; recognition at Membership Committee presentations; an annual Leadership Circle logo to display on the member’s webpage and marketing material; and a Certificate of Leadership Circle membership.

Leadership Circle members are further encouraged to show their dedication to the CAI-Georgia Chapter in a variety ways, including: participating in CAI-Georgia events; participating on CAI committees; promoting CAI-Georgia to homeowners, through publications, coupon books, community mailings, etc.; allowing in-house CAI-Georgia membership committee presentations; encouraging manager continuing education through reimbursement for at least one education class; and providing exemplary service to communities as members and representatives of CAI.





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