Leadership Circle Company Spotlight

POSolutions, Inc.

  • Shandron Pemberton, President, Broker, CAM, CMCA, AMS, CAI Georgia Charity Committee Member
  • Tranetta Vance, CAM, CMCA, Community  Association Manager
Membership Committee:  Tell us about the culture of POSolutions, Inc.

Interviewee:  Our culture is very hands on and very transparent.  We take a worry free approach to management.  Clients can access their information 24/7, which helps them feel empowered and informed.  With this transparency, we increase the level of trust between our company and our clients, which makes our job more delightful.  As our client relationships develop, the level of trust increases, and we become better managers.  Our client retention rate is about 98%.  We have clients that have been with us from the beginning, twelve (12) years ago.  POSolutions was voted best new business in Douglasville for the year 2015.  We get better over time.

Our Mission Statement: To educate and motivate owners to build a stronger and safer community that preserves value.
Membership Committee: What’s been your “secret weapon” in business for POSolutions?
Interviewee:  Our ability to meet our clients’ needs as they are and to treat every client individually.  We adapt our model and do not try to change who they are.   We offer a la carte services to meet individual client needs. This creates from the beginning a relationship of trust.  With every new client, we meet personally with the Board to go over the processes and expectations in detail.  We want everyone’s role clearly understood from the beginning of the relationship.  We are active with Douglasville and West Georgia as a community at large. By adopting this macro and micro approach, we better serve people, their neighborhoods, and their communities.
Membership Committee:  Why does CAI matter to your organization?
Interviewee:  CAI has been instrumental to the growth and success of our business.  It is a terrific resource for education, connections to the industry, and awareness of emerging trends.  In fact, CAI is so valuable to our business that every manager has an opportunity to attend the CAI Annual Conference and Exposition.
Membership Committee: Why did you join the Leadership Circle and pay for all of your managers’ dues?
Interviewee:  It was a natural fit.  CAI is an important resource for each of our managers.  It provides connectivity within the industry.
Membership Committee:  Why are CAI designations important?
Interviewee:  Credibilty.  CAI is the go to trademark that brands you as credible and competent in this industry.  A CMCA designation is required for all of our managers and administrative staff, and we pay for this education.  It is important that all of our staff know what we do and how we do it.
Membership Committee:  We would like to spotlight one of your managers and tell how they got into the industry.  Why property management as a career?
Tranetta Vance, Community Association Manager: Prior to working in this business, I worked in multi-family and then commercial management.  After marrying and having children, I shifted my career and began working in community association management.  Working at POSolutions is amazing.  I love the girls that I work with.  We have great leadership.  Shandron is always here and always available.  We all get along and support each other.  I enjoy the challenge of community association management.  There is never a dull moment.