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Tips and Resources

Please visit these websites for excellent green tips and information for your community:

National Cristina Foundation
An organization dedicated to helping the underprivileged learn technology skills that matches individuals or businesses interested in donating old technology to those without. This website provides an alternative to used technology ending up in landfills for a good cause.

An online directory for green businesses, this website connects the average consumer to a variety of businesses through easy-to-browse categories. There are over 11,000 links on this website.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
This website created by the Department of Energy provides a comprehensive overview of laws, energy news, new technology, maps and data, etc. related to energy use and efficiency. The Department of Energy website also offers workshops for program planning and new technologies.

Energy Star
Great for finding home improvement tips, energy star appliances, or energy star-certified builders, this website is a useful tool for the individual looking to become more green. also links to news feeds from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Paper Network
Environmental Paper acts as a resource for those interested in the benefits of using recycled paper, the criteria necessary to be considered recycled and social impacts of recycling. With a tools section, Environmental Paper offers paper buying guidelines and
links to other organizations it supports.

EPA Green Power Partnership
The Green Power Partnerships portion of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acts as a program set to encourage consumers and businesses to buy green power to reduce negative environmental impacts. This website lists the steps necessary to take to become a Green Power Partner.

Forest Stewardship Council
FSC monitors and certifies products that fit the requirements of originating from forests socially, economically, and ecologically
managed responsibly. The website gives instructions for businesses interested in accreditation and how to purchase FSC products.

Green Biz
Essentially an online news forum for energy news, Greenbiz will keep the interested individual informed of the methods various businesses are taking throughout the world to conserve energy. The articles and blogs are updated daily.

Green Building Pages
Green Building Pages, Inc. is an on-line, sustainable design and decision-making tool to enable building industry professionals and consumers to choose building materials that preserve their health, the environment. The production and manufacturing processes of
these materials promote social equity and economic sustainability.

Green Building Supply
Green Building Supply is an on-line warehouse of supplies for green building. Most products offered are either LEED certified or certified as safe and environmentally friendly and sustainable. The website divides the products into categories that make it easy for the consumer to find what he/she is looking for.

Green Home Guide
Operated by the US Green Building Council, the Green Homes Guide offers homeowners a wealth of information relating to “What Makes a Home Green,” “Regreen Remodeling Programs,” and “Living Green” as well as resources with an interactive tool section.

Green Seal
Founded in 1989, Green Seal provides science-based environmental certification standards that are credible and transparent. The website gives instructions on becoming approved by Green Seal as well as lists the institutional purchasers, including government agencies, universities, and the lodging and architectural building industries that use Green Seal services.

Healthy Homes Partnership
The Healthy Homes Partnership is a useful website to use when investigating the safety of your home. Through the website, the homeowner can order instructional books to create a safer home, sign up for seminars from the University of Georgia, as well as use
an interactive tool that will take you through different home safety topics and quick remedies for unsafe scenarios.

Local Harvest
Listing local co-ops, farmer’s markets, and other sustainable grocery options, Local Harvest is a key tool for the eco-savvy shopper. One of the most important components of green shopping is buying produce that is in season. This website can act as your
cheat sheet to the best produce of the season.

National Green Building Program
The National Green Building Program offers several resources and tools to help builders, re-modelers, home building associations, and homeowners learn how to build green and the benefits of doing so. The website includes resources such as guidelines, contact information for green certification, and a “score my project” tool.

Nature Conservancy Organization details conservation initiatives, displays videos and slideshows related to conservancy and includes a quiz to measure your own carbon footprint. Log on to find the latest projects the Nature Conservancy is working on and how you can help.

Center for a New American Dream
With a task to redefine the American Dream, , promotes conservative, sustainable consumerism to replace American wastefulness. A portion of the site is dedicated to helping consumers make green choices when shopping by providing a list of greener options based on product type. Additionally, a browser may want to join “A New Dream Community” and network with other participants, join online discussions, or browse online journals about Sustainability. A forum for environment news, issues, and ways to take action, the Natural Resources Defense Council website is a good site to visit for the concerned citizen. The website also includes information about “Green Living,” “Green Business,” and policies.

Mother Nature Network
Fans of Planet Green from the Discovery Channel can now go to for environmental news and updates on all things good for our Earth.  Articles from Planet Green can be found at Discovery Press Web. 

Paul Hawken
View lectures and multi-media clips from nationally renowned environmentalist and author Paul Hawken.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
RBRC is an organization focused on recycling used batteries for the average homeowner, retailer, or corporation. The website details the various items that use recyclable batteries, locations to drop off used batteries, as well as educational programs on recycling used batteries.

Tree Hugger
This website offers an array of green products and buying guides, along with quizzes on a variety of green topics. You can also sign up for weekly newsletters.

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