Roofing is still Essential

Your roof plays a critical role in helping to protect your home and businesses. Roofing falls within the construction category and considered an essential business, and therefore open for business! 

It is always cheaper and a lot less stressful to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to your roof. Communities should have roofs inspected regularly for preventative measures instead of waiting until there is a problem. Anytime you can be proactive you are extending the life of your existing roof. Delaying roof repairs or replacements can lead to severe damage like persistent leaks, water damage - seen or unseen or mold. Most roofing companies offer financing options if needed.

Roofing companies haven't seen any limitations to be able to get permits or materials at this time. While it is important to prioritize you and your families health, it is important to be able to keep healthy inside your home.

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