CAI National Level Courses

Community managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve, providing the skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations.

Professional Education 

As a community association manager, the most important thing you can do to increase your earning potential and accelerate your career is to obtain training and credentials from CAI’s Professional Management Development Program (PMDP). Through this program, CAI provides the most comprehensive, expert education courses for community managers seeking to increase their skills, knowledge and job opportunities.

CAI offers four levels of courses designed to give new managers a knowledge base and experienced managers a deeper understanding of all aspects of association management. Courses focus on such topics as insurance, finance, leadership, governance and communications.


M-100 - The Essentials of Community Association Management

M-200 - Students in pursuit of their PCAM must complete all 200 level courses before applying for the PCAM CASE Study. 

M-201- Facilities Management

M-202- Association Communications

M-203- Community Leadership

M-204- Community Governance

M-205- Risk Management 

M-206 - Financial Management

M-300 Level - Students do not have to hold the PCAM designation to attend these courses. 

M-310 - Management Company Administration

M-320 - High-Rise Maintenance and Management

M-330 - Advanced Insurance and Risk Management

M-340 - Managing the Large Scale Association 

M-350 - Manager and the Law

M-360 - Leadership Practices in Building Community

M-370 - Managing Developing Communities

Education for Managers

LSM - Large Scale Manager

PCAM - Professional Community Association Manager

Credentials Related to Management Companies and Business Partners

Business Partner Essentials

AAMC - Accredited Association Management Company

AMS - Association Management Specialist

CCAL - College of Community Association Lawyers

CIRMS - Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist

RS - Reserve Studies 

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