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Condo Renovations during COVID19

Even though Georgia has started to reopen for business, community associations are still taking precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true for condominiums where public indoor spaces are often unavoidable (e.g., common element lobbies, elevators, and mail rooms). For this reason, condominium boards and managers have been justifiably concerned about residents bringing in outside visitors. In fact, there have been many questions as to whether a resident should be allowed to bring his or her contractor into the building?

In early April, persons that were required to shelter-in-place (under Governor Kemp’s Executive Order dated April 2, 2020) were not supposed to receive visitors unless the visitor qualified under one of the exceptions listed in the Order. In the context of a visiting contractor, the most applicable exceptions were for: (1) visitors providing support for the person to conduct activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living; and (2) visitors providing necessary supplies and services, such as food and supplies and equipment needed to work from home, and products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance of the home or residence. Although the Order above is no longer in effect, condominium boards and managers can still use the foregoing language as guidance for visiting contractors going forward.

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Pandemic Painting

Just like everyone else, you've been spending a lot of time at home or walking around your community. You start thinking about the exterior and interior of your homes more so than ever, and the changes you want to make. But is now the time? Is it safe to have a crew paint interiors with my family home?
Large and small projects have been requested by our members by our proven and trusted painting business partners. Exterior painting of condominiums, townhomes, clubhouses, decks and fences have all been top requests for large scale projects. Some smaller scale projects include mail kiosks, pool houses and interior touch ups.
Our painting companies have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of clients and employees. Communication and punctuality is now more important than ever. Exterior projects haven't changed all too much since there is little to no contact. Interior projects have proven to be a little more tricky and it is best to reach out to your painting company to understand their policies and procedures during these times. Some projects are being delayed until June/July but as a whole painting during the pandemic is happening! 

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Roofing is still Essential

Your roof plays a critical role in helping to protect your home and businesses. Roofing falls within the construction category and considered an essential business, and therefore open for business! 

It is always cheaper and a lot less stressful to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to your roof. Communities should have roofs inspected regularly for preventative measures instead of waiting until there is a problem. Anytime you can be proactive you are extending the life of your existing roof. Delaying roof repairs or replacements can lead to severe damage like persistent leaks, water damage - seen or unseen or mold. Most roofing companies offer financing options if needed.

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