Just like everyone else, you've been spending a lot of time at home or walking around your community. You start thinking about the exterior and interior of your homes more so than ever, and the changes you want to make. But is now the time? Is it safe to have a crew paint interiors with my family home?
Large and small projects have been requested by our members by our proven and trusted painting business partners. Exterior painting of condominiums, townhomes, clubhouses, decks and fences have all been top requests for large scale projects. Some smaller scale projects include mail kiosks, pool houses and interior touch ups.
Our painting companies have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of clients and employees. Communication and punctuality is now more important than ever. Exterior projects haven't changed all too much since there is little to no contact. Interior projects have proven to be a little more tricky and it is best to reach out to your painting company to understand their policies and procedures during these times. Some projects are being delayed until June/July but as a whole painting during the pandemic is happening! 

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