Legislative Items

The Georgia legislative sessions typically runs between January and April, but LAC and its lobbyists are involved in working with legislators and monitoring issues impacting community associations throughout the year.

  • SB 117 - Priority lien bill – dropped, unfortunately did not make it out of committee. Here are links embedded already.
  • HB 245- Special assessment bill –passed and waiting for Governor to sign.
  • HB 51- Tax redemption – spoke out against, revised in a manner that we find favorable to community associations.
  • HB 81- Tax bill that would have arguably required liens be filed to be perfected even for condos and poas revised to remove impact on community associations.
  • HB 57- Solar bill – Passed.
  • HB 219- Private pool bill – bill to clarify associations/community pools are private – we’ve supported.
  • HB 173- Monitoring foreclosure bill (no real traction for this bill, but if it gets traction we will need to oppose it or work to have it revised).
  • HB 153-Unauthorized practice of law bill.
  • SB 170- regarding disposition of an abandoned road in a duly formed property owner’s association.
  • Working with Rep Strickland on a judicial turnover process on failed projects and possibly an amendment to condo expansion.